finansowe między Polską a Unią Europejską w ramach Wspólnej Polityki .. Balcerzak-Paradowska B., Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS. tions (Balcerzak-Paradowska, , p. 11). Profilaktyka i wspomaganie pedagogiczne rodziny (wybrane Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków. Balcerzak-Paradowska, B. (). Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS, Warszawa. Bogacka-Kisiel E. (ed.) (). Finanse osobiste.

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Social Politics

Modern multi-child families differ in terms of interactions and relation- ships. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: Additionally, multi-child families tend to be charged with VAT Value Added Taxwhich is included in the above- mentioned fees, even more since they do not only pay higher than average family regular costs of living due to increase in the consumption of electric- ity, gas, water supplies etc.

These actions are directed towards the family and the society.

The idea of discussing the notion of antinomy in terms of multi-child family functions is associated with a kind of self-reference and descriptive approach to this issue. UKatowicep.

It should be emphasized that the problem of poverty is prrzeomie limited to the families with multiple children or children being raised with many siblings. Kotlarska — Michalskap. Firlit — Fesnakp. UW, Warszawap. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. As far as parental care is concerned, based on existing data, multi-child family is more likely to face difficulties in meeting paradowsla needs of family members, providing health care, controlling regular school attendance or socializing.

Mutli-child family in the context of child’s living environment | PAULINA FORMA –

The article presents the European models of family policy divided into 5 models – the Scandinavian model, southern European model, conservative, liberal and post-socialist. Families with multi- ple children are also long-lasting and stable in comparison with one- or two- child families I. Analysing multi-child family environment, it should be emphasized that family and social roles are specifically diversified depending, among other things, on the family type.


This unit is an open group influenced by not only current social prob- lems, but also socio-cultural progress where family generations interact. Sociologists often focus their deliberations on the issues concern- ing real life of families with three or more children paying special attention to parenting. Accommodation expenses which cover a rent, electricity and water supplies, as well as heating considerably charge household budget. Kotlarska — Michalska A.: Score is dependent on achievement of the following criteria: Living standards of families raising multiple children have not seriously changed since the end of the s.

Click here to sign up. The process of creating the institutional and legal frameworks for social policy in Poland after ’89 will be analyzed and the currently implemented reforms will be discussed.

Dyczewski distinguished three categories of families with mul- tiple offspring which require supportive social policy, assistance and support activities: Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content.

Child Development 74 2 Email the author Login required. The student will be able to explain the relationship between the demographic situation in the country and the situation on the labor market and the functioning of the social security system. Badura — Madej, Wyd. Miscellanea, Koszalinp. Help Center Find new research papers in: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The factors affecting pathological families, including those with multiple offspring, can be divided into the following groups: Rodzina wielodzietna jako rodowisko wychowawczo- eduakcyjne. The propositions and goals of state policy implemented within the various areas of social policy: Depending on criteria, different subcate- gories of multi-child families can be distinguished.


Taking family structure into account, he distinguished: Log In Sign Up. Poverty of a family from provincial Poland and attractiveness of a school child among peers.

Demonstrating their love and commitment, parents are first to meet basic needs of their offspring and evoke similar feelings in them. The author provides the list of families that need government assistance: Nowadays, social importance of multi-child, white-collar workers and rural families has been redefined.

The above- mentioned report reveals that multi-child families allocate most of their ex- penses to the cheapest food and accommodation fees.

Based on research of andF.

Open Journal Systems

Keywords adolescents attitude communication competence creativity e-learning education family higher education integration learning lifelong learning motivation quality of life student students teacher teachers teaching training values.

This typology is based on three groups of factors that need to be taken into consideration while ana- lysing the level of efficiency in performing socialisation function in each family type. In pedagogical literature, the following tasks are performed by the fami- lies with multiple offspring: It should be emphasized that, according to demographic approach, the multi-child family is defined as a family raising four and more children S. The results revealed that the analyzed factors: They classified families into the following categories: This is proved by families with multiple offspring which constitute one of the family types occurred in the past system.

Atmosphere at home is also determined by parent-child relationships. Dzieci nieakceptowane w klasie szkolnej. This point of view is represented by D.

On-line services of the University of Warsaw. About Login Register Current Archives. Family Size In Europe: