COMMSCOPE ANDREW SOLUTIONS | HBXDS-VTM DualPol Teletilt Antenna, MHz, 65 horizontal beamwidth, RET compatible. HBXDS-VTM. Andrew® Teletilt® Antenna, – MHz, 65° horizontal beamwidth, RET compatible. ○ Superior azimuth tracking and pattern. CommScope | HBXDS-VTM MHz dB 65Deg HBW DIV PAN ANT RET 2)DIN-FEM. Item #ANDHBXDS-VTM. Suggested Retail.

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Used to mount narrow high band antennas to a single pole or stand. Friendly customer service representatives are available to assist you.

Lines of Latitude and Longitude Education. The changes to the facility do not constitute modifications as defined in Connecticut General Statutes significantly changed or altered.

In the absence of information to the contrary, we assume that all structures were constructed in accordance with andrrw drawings and specifications and that their capacity has not significantly changed from the “as new” condition. One kit mounts up to three antennas. The maximum gain of the antenna per the antenna manufactures supplied specifications, minus 10 dB, was used for all calculations.

Section j, of construction which constitutes an exempt modification pursuant to R. Antenna Brand Andrew Antenna Type Orders may arrive in multiple shipments, at no extra cost to you, due qndrew our numerous distribution points and vendor locations. This channel has a transmit power of 30 Watts.


Andrew Antenna Dbxlh c Vtm Documents. Once an order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and a tracking number, allowing you to track your shipment in real time, as soon as it is available. Number October 19, Page 3A.


Because each carrier will be using different frequency bands, and each frequency band has different exposure limits, it is necessary to report percent of MPE rather than power density. Top Diam eter in: For each RF path the following losses were calculated. All services are performed, results obtained, and recommendations made in accordance with generally accepted engineering principles and practices.

e-Sertifikasi | Sertifikat

This value is a very conservative estimate as gain reductions for these particular antennas are typically much higher in this direction. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Although every effort is taken to ensure that the loading considered is adequate to meet the requirements of all applicable regulatory entities, we can provide no assurance to meet any other local and state codes or requirements. We combine multiple items into one shipment whenever possible to save on shipping time and costs.

The maximum gain of the antenna per the antenna manufactures supplied specifications minus 10 dB was used in this direction. Section j b 2. The overall height of the structure will be unaffected. The proposed changes will not increase the noise level at the existing facility bysix decibels or more.

The tower and foundation can support the equipment as described in this report. Adjusts in increments of 6″ This is based on feedback from the hbx-6516dds-vtm with regards to anticipated antenna selection. Number October 19, A.

Lines of Latitude Equator. Kits contains top and bottom mount brackets.

CommScope HBX-6516DS-R2M

Includes two pipe mounts. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact American Tower via email at Engineering americantower. Lines of Latitude and Longitude Worksheet Education. Universal telescoping stand used for mounting multiple antennas in a three sector arrangement.


Hbx-6516ds-vhm anticipated maximum composite contributions from the T-Mobile facility as well as the site composite emissions value with regards to compliance with FCCs allowable limits for general public exposure to RF Emissions are shown here: TaperLoad Cases Andrsw Ice Emily Hannon tower owner mailto: For this report the sample point is the top of a 6 foot person standing at the base of the tower.

Lines Longitude lines run north and south. GOV-Connecticut’s April 23, Base Diam eter in: These companies provide a variety of 3-day, 2-day, overnight and international options to choose from. This is based upon values listed in the Connecticut Siting Council database for existing carrier emissions. Published on Mar View Download Sincerely, Denise Sabo Mobile: Email is required Email must be a valid email address.

Therefore, members of the general public would always be considered under hbx–6516ds-vtm category anxrew exposure hbx-6516ds–vtm not employment related, for example, in the case of a telecommunications tower that exposes persons in a nearby residential area. Pick-Up Truck Antenna Mount -? Andrew Hbx ds Vtm Documents.

These Channels have a transmit power of 60 Watts per Channel. This information may consist of, but is not necessary limited, to: Orders received and approved before 3PM EST generally ship the same business day, but please refer to your confirmation and tracking information for the hbx-6516dx-vtm delivery date. Pipe Mounting Kit for 2. In compliance with R.