This guide finalised on 04 July Contents About AIRCOM OPTIMA 9 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA User Layer 10 About the AIRCOM OPTIMA Ribbon Aircom Optima presentation Agenda Performance management challenges OPTIMA introduction and customer success stories Solution roadmap. Aircom Optima user reference: – 4shared .com – document sharing – download Best Regards.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: End-to-end performance management opgima brings simplicity to increasingly complex, multi-technology fixed, mobile and IP networks. For example, if you specify that a particular group owns a report, only users who belong to that group can modify it – Other users can only see the object. Date Range Set the date range for the data to be displayed. About the Home Tab On the Home tab, you can access and manage your favourites.

X-Axis Field Click in the row and select the x-axis field you require from the drop-down list. A New Table with Data tab opens.


A module comprises of alrcom tree or hierarchy and data queries attached to each level in the tree. Creating Static Filters Static filters are based on fixed filter values that you specify as part of the filter definition.

Conditions Further conditions for the report schedule, defined in SQL. The Report Scheduler Uses a Time Zone If your network spans across multiple time zones, and you have configured the Report Scheduler to use a specific time zone, when the scheduler is started, it will search for and run: Administration Enables you to perform a number of administrative tasks, including: To specify the interval for data refresh or switching for a page: Setting materialized views to refresh frequently for example, every minute can impact on database performance.


To create a module: You can use, edit, or delete them as required – however, you cannot edit or delete the OPTIMA Administrator application role or profile marked in brown. This option overwrites existing groups that have already been assigned to the folder or subfolders. For more information, see Creating a Report on page The Sandbox Objects tab appears.

Introduction to Aircom Optima

Defining favourites is a two-stage process: The Sandbox Create Synonym tab appears. To open the Filters tab, on the Analysis tab, click the Filters button. F Favourite You can designate information panes that you access most often as favourites, which means you can get fast and easy access to opptima using a customised toolbar of shortcut buttons. How do I define my element hierarchies?

Creating Tables aicom Data To create a table with preloaded data: For more information, see Creating a Work Area on lptima For more information, see Creating Filters on page General Data Explorer Open a new Data Explorer tab, on which you can view database tables and create modules and reports. On this tab, you can view all of the objects created in the Sandbox environment, and also create tables, private links and synonyms, as well as view the Sandbox management settings.

To create a report schedule: Administration and Access to data analysis objects defined in the optimaa. Graph Type Click in the row and select the type of graph you require from the drop-down list. To open the Sandbox environment, on the Analysis tab, click the Sandbox Objects button. To create a KPI: They can be considered as equivalent to predefined SQL statements.


From initial consultancy through project implementation, using our staff, training yours, or sourcing expertise for you to take in-house, we are dedicated to maximising the performance of your network, and therefore your business. Otherwise, it will be run according to the database’s local time.

Therefore, the Scheduler will run: This means that you can access them quickly and easily. See Creating an Excel Report on page The hierarchy can either be a pre-defined hierarchy or can be defined through an SQL query. I am familiar with the data analysis tools optuma in Excel, how can I make use of these tools for my PM data?

Introduction to Aircom Optima – Free Download PDF

Reports can have certain parameters defined that can be set at runtime. I-VIEW enables operators to regain visibility and control of their entire network, enabling radical shifts in business dynamics to become more efficient, more agile and more profitable. Filters Create a global or airrcom list of any elements. Cascade all permission to child folders The selected folder and its subfolders. The Data Explorer opens to enable you to define the query.

A single tool to cover all domains provided enhanced efficiency and reduced TCO, all with increased data integrity and availability. TypesInstruction manuals.

With mobile operators currently contemplating and actively migrating to LTE, key consideration is being given to ensuring network performance is optimised throughout new systems and legacy systems not compromised.