View and Download Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 user manual online. Soft Starter. SIRIUS 3RW44 Controller pdf manual download. SIRIUS 3RW44 manual. GWA 4NEB DS Starting. This means that because the electronic soft starter controls the motor voltage. operational current of the motor. The solid-state SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters are designed for Manual for SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters1). The manual can be.

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The motor stop can be optimally adapted to each particular application. Page 23 – Application examples for heavy starting Emergency start active The emergency start function is activated.

Page DC braking, through which an external braking contactor is controlled. Reconnect the PC or increase activity monitoring time and press a key at regular intervals. GSD file or in the OM when the bus is started. Page The firmware product version is listed on the front of the device below the petrol- colored labeling field. Page 78 Commissioning 6. A wrongly set breakaway pulse, e.

For optimum torque control during the starting procedure, the motor data of the motor connected to the soft starter should be entered in the selected parameter set using the “Setting” menu item. Page refer to Chapter 8.

Centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps: This is only possible after the motor has been shut off by the soft starter. Page 41 – Capacitors for improving the power facto Saving Options Commissioning 6. Menu Structure, Navigation, Changing Parameters Rated operating torque select select Parameter select select Nm set 3 change Stopping Safety select select settings Rated operating speed select select select select Inputs change Figure Page Parameters Parameter assignment active Alarm bit is updated continually.


Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation manuual maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems. The motor model with integrated electronic motor mal capacity Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Page Reference quantity depends on motor used, but in any case lower than the 3RW44 53 – 3RW44 Channel-based Diagnosis Subsequent older diagnosis messages are not deleted. Page – Soft Starter for Activation manua a Motor w Heatsink sensor short-circuit The temperature sensor on the heatsink of the starter is not connected or defective. Important Notes Product Information. Page 73 Commissioning 6.

SIEMENS 3RW44 MANUAL Pdf Download.

Slow Speed Function The torque generated in the motor can be influenced with the slow speed torque. For size 3RW44 3. Switch on the voltage supply for the soft starter.

The “Trip Reset” input is edge-triggered, the level change 3rs44 0 to 24 V DC is analyzed at the input. Save the changed parameters in a constant speed at a operation.

There is one thyristor for the positive and one thyristor for the negative half-wave. Page 72 Commissioning 6.

Page 84 Commissioning 6. Module Status Byte 11 3 2 1 0 Bit number Byte Status display select Settings select Parameter set 1 select Motor 1 select Starting settings select Stopping settings select Stopping mode Coasting down change Figure Page 70 Commissioning 6.

For Example Motor Data Commissioning 6. NOTICE If the soft starter is switched off via a motor protection or inherent device protection tripping, the action cannot be acknowledged using the “Trip Reset” function until the displayed cooling time has expired. Page 66 Commissioning 6. If this is not desired, the parameter must be set to “On”.


Siemens SIRIUS 3RW44 User Manual

Page 47 – Changing Parameters: Page Page Page Acceleration torque limitation? Specifying Current Limit Values When all locations have been written, the first entry is overwritten again.

Module Status The module status starts after the identifier-related diagnostics and consists of 5 bytes. Customer is responsible to prevent unauthorized access to its plants, systems, machines and networks. Page Only set the breakaway pulse when it is really required e. Torque Control For optimum torque control during the starting procedure, the motor data of the motor connected to the soft starter should be entered in the selected parameter set using the “Setting” menu item.

Siemens Sirius 3RW44 – 315kW Soft Start with 230V controls

Notice This table provides example set values. Function call Save select settings Inputs select Save settings execute? Page 79 Commissioning 6.

The motor model with integrated electronic motor overload protection is not suitable for this kind of operation. Page 13 For the load machine this means that the starting and acceleration forces in relation to rated operation give rise to a higher mechanical load on mankal machine and the conveyed material. The following schematic diagram shows the cooling behavior with and without idle time. This requires at least 6 motor lines.